Thursday, December 20, 2007

Illegal parking fees

Beware of parking fee collectors at Public Utility Building, MG Road. I had this experience at 8.30 PM on 25.10.2007.

I had to join my friends for dinner at Canopy Restaurant which is on 2nd Floor in Utility Building. When I moved my car towards the entrance, the parking fee collector approached me and asked for Rs.50 as parking fee. Fortunately, BMP authorities have put up a board specifying the parking fee for 2 and 4 wheelers.

It is Rs.10 upto one hour and thereafter Rs.10 per hour.

I pointed my finger at the board and told the person, "why Rs.50, when it is Rs.10 upto one hour?"

He replied that at Rs.50, I get unlimited parking hours.
I didn't need this as I would finish off the dinner in less than 2 hours and leave. I told the same to him. After this, he said I have to pay minimum Rs.30. I could not argue with him longer as they were others waiting behind me and I also I feared for the safety of my car when left unattended.
Grumbling I thrust Rs.30 in his hand and parked my car in the basement. And, I was out within 2 hours.

I felt cheated. I am sure that extra amount will not go into the contractor's account but to these staff collecting the cash. So, both the parties are cheated here.

My advise to you, beware of such people and atleast question them. This way they will not take you for granted.